Brighton & Hove

The Brighton & Hove branch of Jewish Association of Cultural Societies (JACS), meet monthly on Wednesday afternoons in the hall of one of the local Synagogues. Like many clubs we have a problem with declining membership. We have notices in all the Synagogues and we write an article each month in the Sussex Jewish News, a local magazine which is taken by most Jewish families in the area.
Another problem is finding interesting speakers on a weekly basis.  We occasionally have what we call “home-grown” entertainment: a quiz or video or hat debate. Sometimes a member will talk about their earlier career. 
Meetings held at:           AJEX Centre, Eaton Road  Hove
Day:                             Wednesdays at 2 p.m. (doors open at 1.30 p.m.)
Membership Fees:        £4.00 annually – due on 1 January
Entrance:                      Members £2.00 – Visitors £2.50 ( Members must show their membership cards when  attending)
Chairperson                   Mrs Shirley Jaffe